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Promotional Advice

The "catch a cheater" niche is an evergreen niche. You probably already know that almost half of all marriages end in divorce and cheating is rife. Whether you believe that is down to a lack of communication between partners, different expectations or some other reason, it doesn't really matter because people are never going to stop cheating!

That is obviously great news for both me and you. There are other products like this around and mine is not the only one. Mine does have a slick design, decent copy and I plan to improve it even more over the coming months and years.

This product is also unisex, it is aimed at both men and women instead of being aimed at just one. However, most cheating within marriages and relationships is done by men. This is good to know for your promotions. Yes, it takes "two to tango" but it is usually men who stray from women and commit the cheating, that's just a simple fact of life.

Who is interested in this kind of product? Basically, someone who is being cheated on starts with a gut feeling that this is happening. They start to wonder: "is he/she cheating on me?".

This is the point at which you want to grab them. Alternatively, they may have suspected this for a while and even discussed it with their partner, know it is going on but cannot prove it. They are looking for ways to catch their lover red-handed so that they gain the upper hand. This is another group that you want to targe this product at.

Remember, this book will do 3 things for them. First, it will confirm their suspicions. Second, it will help them gather the rock solid evidence they need. Third, it will help them to make a slick confrontation such that they control what happens afterwards instead of remaining a victim of the cheater's deceit.

Also remember, what makes this niche great is that it is a "relationship" niche. That means that people's emotions are being played with. Any niche to do with emotions is a valuable one for you and I! You can help them to get rid of emotional pain and at the same time make money promoting the book.

Any questions or comments, just email me now at . I always do my best to help my affiliates and you will not get some random assistant, you will get straight to me! And don't forget to register above, it is the only way I can keep in touch with you when there are changes. And, yes, I have some big changes planned. I plan to hire a professional copywriter to improve conversion, add bonuses, add upsells and much, much more.



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